The roller range – Reconsolidation and depth control

A wide range of following rollers for reconsolidating the soil are available for all AMAZONE soil tillage implements. Decide which roller suits your farm best!

Stabwalze SW 520 mm
SW cage roller 520 mm

Stabwalze SW 600 mm
SW cage roller 600 mm

Tandemwalze TW 520_380 mm
TW 520 tandem roller, 380 mm

Winkel­profilwalze WW 580 mm
WW angle profile roller 580 mm

U-Profilwalze UW 580 mm
UW U-Profile roller 580 mm

Doppel-U-Profilwalze DUW 580 mm
DUW Double U-Profile roller, 580 mm

Keilringwalze KW 580 mm
KW wedge ring roller 580 mm

Keilringwalze mit Matrixreifenprofil KWM 600 mm
KWM wedge ring roller with Matrix tyre profile 600 mm

Disc-Walze DW 600 mm
DW disc roller 600 mm

Doppel-Disc-Walze DDW 600 mm
DDW Double disc roller, 600 mm

Doppel-Disc-U-Profilwalze DDU 600 mm
DDU Double-disc U-Profile roller 600 mm

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