ECO leaf-spring tines

ECO-Blattfederzinken (1) Cobra7000-2TX_Claas_d0_kw_P8126855_d1_220318

The Cobra is the specialist for shallow and medium-deep tillage at working depths from 4 to 13 cm. A large amount of fine soil is produced in the mix by the vibration of the ECO leaf-spring tines. This provides optimum germination conditions, so that volunteer cereals and weed seeds establish well, meaning that they can be combated mechanically in the next working pass. The high proportion of fine soil also has a very positive effect on seedbed preparation. In addition, the ECO leaf-spring tines can adapt very flexibly to the soil conditions and can avoid obstacles.

ECO-Blattfederzinken (2) Cobra_liper_Seitenrahmen_geschnitten_840_d1_220318
ECO leaf-spring tines

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