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Sturdy drawbar

The narrow drawbar of the Ceus offers a very tight turning radius both in the field and on the road. The Ceus follows the contours without any problems even in difficult terrain thanks to the drawbar, which is freely movable in the working position. The Ceus-2TX has a drawbar with a hydraulic top tie bar. This ensures that the machine can be easily lifted and lowered. The drawbar of the rigid Ceus-TX is also narrow but, unlike the Ceus-2TX, does not have a hydraulic top tie bar. This is not required due to the mechanical depth control.

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A wide range of linkage systems for every tractor

Comprehensive and suitable mounting and drawbar options for the Ceus are available for every tractor. The flange plate allows the easy and quick mounting of any of the linkage options. Furthermore, the linkage category can be quickly changed on the lower link cross shaft. Only the linkage pins are interchanged for this purpose. As a result, the appropriate linkage can be selected for any tractor, no matter whether Cat. 3N, 3, 4 or 4N lower link cross shafts, various towing eyes or the K80 ball coupling are used.

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Integrated running gear for high manoeuvrability

Thanks to its oversized wheels, the integrated TX centre running gear ensures minimal surface pressure on the field. The compact design and the central positioning of the running gear mean that tight turning on the headland is not a problem. The optimum weight distribution also provides comfortable road transport at speeds of up to 40 km/h.

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