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Das Zinkenfeld für die tiefe Lockerung (1) Ceus_7m_Zinkenfeld_Bearbeitung_d1_170711

The tine element for deep loosening

With the following tine element, loosening of the deeper soil layers down to 35 cm is possible. However, it is also possible to work shallowly, so that the point runs just below the working depth of the disc harrow in wet and heavy conditions. This loosens the horizon and creates a rougher structure in the soil, thereby significantly reducing the risk of capping on these types of soil. 

The AMAZONE C-Mix share system is available for use on the tine element. With a tine spacing of approx. 40 cm, the Ceus proves to be particularly easy to pull while allowing a high passage of organic matter, even when deep loosening. The tine element can be lifted and work carried out with just the front disc element if only shallow stubble cultivation is required.

Das Zinkenfeld für die tiefe Lockerung (2) Zinken hinter den Reifen_Ceus6001-2TX-super_Case_d0_kw_DJI_0734_d1_170822
A tine for wheel track loosening runs behind each wheel

Das Zinkenfeld für die tiefe Lockerung (3) Ceus_7m_Zinkenfeld_Bearbeitung_d1_170711

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C-Mix-Super-Zinken mit Druckfeder-Überlastsicherung (1) Zinken_C-MIX_SUPER_re_2_d1_220331

C-Mix Super tines with pressure spring overload protection

The benefits: 

  • For operating in conditions with an occasional overload 
  • Protects the frame against excessively high forces 
  • Automatically resets after triggering – high force ensures a reliable reset 
  • Trigger force 600 kg for high operational reliability

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C-Mix-Ultra-Zinken mit hydraulischer Überlastsicherung (2) Zinken_C-MIX_HYDRO_re_orange_d1_210924

C-Mix Ultra tines with hydraulic overload protection

The benefits: 

  • For operating in conditions where there is regular triggering 
  • Protects the frame against high forces 
  • Damped via the hydraulic cylinder when it is reset after triggering – less wear in conditions with a large number of trip cycles 
  • Adjustable trip force from 600 to 800 kg for tailored operational reliability

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C-Mix-Scharsystem (1) Cenius_6003-2TX-Super_XTender_Claas_d0_kw_3265_d1_170928

C-Mix share system

The separation of guide plate from the share point above all serves to reduce wearing metal costs. Depending on soil type, location and soil moisture, 3 to 5 share points can be worn prior to exchanging the guide plate. The new guide plates on the C-Mix share system are manufactured with a spiral design that ensures, in combination with the optimum radius of the guide plate, the perfect deflection of the soil flow and thus a very high mixing intensity but yet with a lower power requirement. With the proven C-Mix share system AMAZONE offers a wide range of soil-engaging shares.

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Everything in the one hand

AMAZONE offers an extensive selection of different shares for the wide range of application of the Ceus. The various wing shares ensure excellent loosening together with a full-surface movement at a medium working depth. The narrower 80 mm and 100 mm coulters loosen the soil in an optimum manner, even at somewhat deeper working depths. The 40 mm C-Mix narrow share should be used for even deeper loosening down to 35 cm.

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HD shares

The 430 mm wing share, the 350 mm wing share, the 80 mm point and the 40 mm share are also available as a hardwearing HD version especially for areas that have very abrasive operating conditions. During the entire lifespan, the length of the share is maintained. This means that no readjustment of the depth is necessary. Depending on application and soil conditions, the service life is up to five times longer than with the standard points.

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Für jedes Einsatzspektrum den richtigen Schartyp (1) Schare

The right type of share for every field of application

  1. C-Mix wing share 430 mm
  2. C-Mix wing share 350 mm*
  3. C-Mix duck foot share 320 mm*
  4. C-Mix point 100 mm with guide plate 100 mm
  5. C-Mix point 80 mm* with guide plate 80 mm
  6. C-Mix share 40 mm*

*also available in a HD variant

Für jedes Einsatzspektrum den richtigen Schartyp (2) Schare_1

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