Depth guidance

Exakte Tiefenführung (1) Cobra_Arbeitstiefenverstellung_gesamt_liob_816_Fahrwerk_oben_groß_d1_220321

Exact depth control

The depth of the Cobra is adjusted via the following rollers and the large support wheels. These are integrated in the tine element to provide better matching to the topography of the terrain. A coupling rod is mounted at this point to connect the components mechanically, in order to keep the relationship between the support wheels and following roller constant at all times.

The depth is adjusted via both the transport wheels and the front support wheels if the machine is being used without a following roller. A particular feature is that there are tines mounted behind the transport wheels to loosen any tracks produced by the running gear. The running gear is raised completely if the Cobra is being used with following rollers.

Exakte Tiefenführung (2) Cobra_Arbeitstiefenverstellung_gesamt_li_65_818_Fahrwerk_abgestellt_groß_d1_220321

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Walzenführung (1)Cobra_Parallelogramm_Heckwerkzeuge_862_d1_220321

Roller control

Owing to the parallelogram-guided following roller, a continuous constant surface pressure is applied, even if double rollers are installed. Since the levelling unit is connected directly to the roller, time-consuming working depth adjustment is not required here.

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Arbeitstiefeneinstellung aus der Kabine (1) Cobra_voli_Arbeitstiefenanzeige_836_d1_220321

Working depth adjustment from the cab

A coupling rod between the depth control elements provides uniform adjustment at both the front and rear of the machine. The working depth can be adjusted infinitely variably from the tractor cab, to permit individual reaction to the changing conditions within a field. An easy-to-read scale helps with the orientation for the driver. As an alternative, the working depth can also be mechanically adjusted. A spindle is provided on each of the support wheels for this purpose.

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