Universal conveying systems for Catros – the choice is yours!

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Combine the Catros with the optimum seeding system ... it makes no difference whether it’s the GreenDrill, XTender or FTender

The universal conveying system enables the Catros to be combined with different sowing systems. For example, the GreenDrill 501 with a hopper capacity of 500 l can be used in exactly the same way as the front or rear hoppers with a capacity of 1,600 to 4,200 l. In addition to catch crops, other seeds or even mineral fertilisers such as micro-granules can be applied.


  • GreenDrill 200, 200 l hopper capacity
  • GreenDrill 501, 500 l hopper capacity

Front hopper

  • FTender 1600, 1,600 l hopper capacity
  • FTender 2200, 2,200 l hopper capacity

Rear hopper

  • XTender 4200, 4,200 l hopper capacity
  • XTender-T 4200, 4,200 l hopper capacity

Advantages of conveying systems with a segmented distributor head

  • Optimum lateral distribution across the entire working width
  • Combination of different sowing units
  • High application rates possible
  • Has the option to be equipped with 12 to 48 outlets
  • Part-area, site-specific sowing

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