The roller range – Reconsolidation and depth control

Das Walzenprogramm (3)

A wide range of rear rollers for reconsolidating the soil are available for all AMAZONE compact disc harrows. Decide which roller suits your farm best!

Roller bearing

Das Walzenprogramm (1) hd-walzenlager_d1_210309

All rear rollers on AMAZONE compact disc harrows are equipped with bolt-on bearing shafts. This keeps repair work to a minimum in the case of bearing damage. The robust spherical roller bearings provide high reliability and a long service life.

HD roller bearings

Das Walzenprogramm (2) hd-walzenlager_d1_210309_2

The roller bearings are now available as an option in an HD version for maximum operational reliability and an extreme service life

  • Extreme service life thanks to a metallic face seal
  • Completely maintenance-free with life-long lubrication thanks to the gear oil filling
  • Robust and insensitive due to spherical roller bearings instead of ball bearings

Das Walzenprogramm (5) Bodenprofil-004-SW-520_d1_170203
SW cage roller 520 mm
Das Walzenprogramm (4) Bodenprofil-002-SW-600_d1_170203
SW cage roller 600 mm

Das Walzenprogramm (6) Bodenprofil-010-TW-38-520_d1_170206
TW tandem roller 520/380 mm
Das Walzenprogramm (7) Bodenprofil-003-WW-580_d1_170203
WW angle profile roller 580 mm

Das Walzenprogramm (8) Bodenprofil-007-UW-580_d1_170206
UW U-Profile roller 580 mm
Das Walzenprogramm (9) Bodenprofil-008-DUW-580_d1_170206
DUW Double U-Profile roller, 580 mm

Das Walzenprogramm (10) Bodenprofil-005-KW-580_d1_170206
KW wedge ring roller 580 mm
Nachlaufwalzen (12) Bodenprofil-013-KW-Matrix-3001_d1_211214
KWM wedge ring roller with Matrix tyre profile 600 mm

Das Walzenprogramm (11) Bodenprofil-001-KW-Matrix-650_d1_170131
KWM wedge ring roller with Matrix tyre profile 650 mm

Das Walzenprogramm (12) Bodenprofil-006-DW-600_d1_170629
DW disc roller 600 mm

Das Walzenprogramm (13) Bodenprofil-011-DDW-600_d1_170629
DDW Double disc roller, 600 mm

Nachlaufwalzen (13) Bodenprofil-014-DDU_d1_211215
DDU Double-disc U-Profile roller 600 mm

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