pro-Pack and central lubrication

pro-Paket und Zentralschmierung (1) CatrosPLUS6002-2_ProPaket_Guelle_Holmer_d0_cw__DSC5816_d1_210712

pro-Pack for intensive slurry application

With the pro-Pack, Amazone offers a special equipment option for when mounted directly on, or attached to, a slurry tanker. The pro-Pack provides specific solutions to improve the reliability and durability of machines which are constantly working with slurry, e.g. behind a self-propelled slurry tanker. 

Advantages of pro-Pack

  • Additionally protected and lubricated components and bearings ensure functionality and operational reliability even under the toughest of conditions

Catros+ 5002-2 pro: 5.0 m boom width
Catros+ 6002-2 pro: 6.0 m boom width
Catros+ 7003-2TX pro: 7.0 m boom width
Catros+ 8003-2TX pro: 8.0 m boom width
Catros+ 9003-2TX pro: 9.0 m working width

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