Easy pulling for maximum area coverage

Leichtzügler für maximale Flächenleistungen (1) Catros-plus-8003-2TX-Super_Case_d0_kw_3012_d1_161116 (1)

The base machine execution of the Catros+-2TX trailed machines, in 7 m, 8 m and 9 m working widths, includes a central running gear.

Die Catros+-2TX are equipped with smooth or serrated discs with a diameter of 510 mm, which allow working depths from 5 to 14 cm.

The working depth of the Catros+-2TX is adjusted hydraulically as standard. The stepless setting of the cylinders causes the mounting point of the disc modules to rotate, thereby changing the working depth. So, when changing the working depth, any readjustment of the support wheels is not necessary.

  • Catros+ 7003-2TX, 7.0 m working width
  • Catros+ 8003-2TX, 8.0 m working width
  • Catros+ 9003-2TX, 9.0 m working width

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