Q-Plus boom – 12 – 12.5 – 15 metres


The robust, entry-level boom

With the horizontally folded Q-Plus boom in working widths of 12 m, 12.5 m and 15 m, AMAZONE offers an entry-level boom that is second to none when it comes to quality and reliability. Folding in and out is hydraulic as standard, as are the boom height adjustment and one-sided folding in the left-hand direction of travel.

The benefits:

  • Super-stable and, at the same time, super-light 
  • 3-fold shock absorption
  • Hydraulic height adjustment as standard 
  • One-sided folding on the left-hand side as standard
  • Available with hydraulic tilt adjustment
  • The central hose guidance ensures a clean and kinkfree routing of all hoses and cables

Q-Plus-Gestänge (1)
Boom layout and folding variants of the Q-Plus boom for different working widths

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