The growing world population with a diminishing amount of arable land and environmental protection are global challenges for agriculture and agricultural technology.

Our goal is to offer machinery and services which are both efficient and environmentally friendly. At the same time, we need to develop climate-adapted arable farming concepts which enable us to conserve soil, water, air, biodiversity and climate to the greatest possible degree.

1.1 Sustainable agriculture - the challenges

The challenges for agriculture with regard to a more efficient and environmentally friendly method of cultivation will be growing significantly in the coming years.

1.2 Goals as an agricultural machinery manufacturer

As a manufacturer of agricultural machinery and a partner of farmers and contractors, AMAZONE is aware of its responsibility to provide machinery and processes for the agricultural sector throughout the world.

1.3 Areas of action of the Arable Farming Strategy 2035 of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL)

The Arable Farming Strategy is intended to identify options and paths which must use sustainable arable farming, i.e. ecologically compatible, economically viable and socially oriented, in the future, also with a view to greater social acceptance.

1.4 Solutions in the area of soil protection and crop diversity

Soil protection, soil fertility (agricultural production processes as part of integrated crop production) as well as crop diversity and crop rotation.

1.5 Solutions in the area of climate-adapted cultivation concepts

Soil tillage and crop production systems in the climatic regions of Europe.

1.6 Solutions in the area of fertiliser efficiency and integrated plant protection

Precision Farming for an increase in climate and water protection.

1.7 Solutions in the area of digitalisation

Cutting costs and protecting the environment with precision agriculture!

1.8 Solutions in the area of training and advice

Events for the training and advice of people.