1.5 Solutions in the area of climate-adapted cultivation concepts

Examples from the AMAZONE Group

Climate-adapted cultivation concepts

Region-specific recommendations for arable farming adapted to climate change (cultivation methods, soil tillage, erosion control):

  • e.g. in the 3C crop establishment concept www.cost-cutting-concept.com
  • Saving water
  • Optimum water supply, even in the event of heavy rain after sowing

AMAZONE process chains in the climatic regions

The process chains used in the various climatic regions depend on (a) the productivity of the soils and (b) the historically developed farm structures. In this respect, a range of different demands are made on the soil tillage and sowing technology depending on the amount of precipitation, temperature gradients and availability of water. The AMAZONE product range offers the right solutions for all conditions here.

Soil tillage and crop production systems in the climatic regions of Europe

If agriculture from western Europe to Siberia/Kazakhstan is considered, five agro-climatic zones can be identified. Specific cultivation conditions can be found in each zone, which in turn lead to specific processes and mechanisation. If similar climatic conditions can be found in other parts of the world, the process chains are frequently also comparable (e.g. New Zealand with a maritime climate, Canada with a dry and cold steppe climate).