Optimised application when driving round bends

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With AmaSelect CurveControl

In order to keep the application rate as constant as possible across the whole of the boom width when driving round bends, AMAZONE now offers the CurveControl function for the AmaSelect nozzle control on UX trailed sprayers and the Pantera self-propelled sprayer.

In the past, application of plant protection products when driving round bends has led to an over-application on the inside of the bend and an under-application on the outside of the bend. The problem increases with increasing boom widths. Over-applying on the inside of the boom must be viewed more critically, as potential overdose levels of more than 300 % are possible. When applying herbicides to the inside of a bend, for example, this effect (over-dosing) may lead to significant weakening of the crop or even total crop failure. Under-dosing in the outside area results in incomplete suppression of the weeds and fungal diseases and might lead to resistance developing as a consequence of under-dosing. Loss of yield is a possible as result of under-dosing or over-dosing. These losses are prevented by the AmaSelect CurveControl.

AmaSelect CurveControl determines the curve radius using sensors and thanks to the ability to automatically change the nozzles across the boom, ensures fully uniform application rates during cornering. The application rate can be adapted independently of the part-width section control, since the AmaSelect individually controls each nozzle body at a part width section distance of 50 cm. The AmaSelect CurveControl provides the option of adapting the amount applied by selecting one of four different nozzles or three nozzle combinations. Different nozzle options provide AmaSelect CurveControl with an enormous range of application rates and thus also facilitates their best-possible automatic optimisation while driving around curves. An additional special advantage of the AmaSelect CurveControl is the high-speed switching of the AmaSelect nozzle bodies, the automatic calculation of the variable distribution of the nozzle control versions within the boom and the automatic adJustment of the pressure to the changed flow rate resulting from the change of the nozzles on the boom. AmaSelect CurveControl takes into account the application rate of each individual nozzle, within the specified pressure range, to ensure functionality and reduction in spray drift, particularly in the marginal areas.

The graph provides a very good representation of the flexible distribution of the activated nozzle positions and nozzle combinations across the entire working width. The orange line shows the actual quantity sprayed while driving around curves. The application rate is thus the average of the target application rate. In addition to the normal application rate, over-dosing and under-dosing can also be selected. These options can be used to shift the line upwards or downwards to reduce any minor under-application and over-application ahead of the switch points. Since these options result in a variation in the application rate, the operator can make their decision according to the plant protection scheme required.

Provided with an appropriate set of nozzles, the variable functions of the AmaSelect CurveControl make it possible to vary the application rate across the boom to an enormous extent and independently of the part-width section control, in order to compensate for over-dosing and under-dosing as much as possible while driving round a bend.

Press review 2019

Nov 28, 2019, Hasbergen-Gaste

Cenio – the new lightweight and versatile mounted cultivator

With the Cenio, Amazone launched a new 3-row compact mounted cultivator at this year’s Agritechnica 2019. Designed as a lightweight but extremely flexible mulch cultivator, the Cenio rounds off the bottom end of the Amazone cultivator range of 3-point linkage mounted cultivators as the "little brother" of the Cenius.

Amazone Saetechnik damals_heute
Nov 20, 2019, Hasbergen-Gaste

250,000 Amazone seed drills sold

Having sold 250,000 seed drills, Amazone certainly has special cause for cele-bration. Not only is the quarter of a million sales that have been notched up an impressive feat; but we can look back on a long history of successful seed drill developments.The origin of the seed drill’s history stretches back to 1947, when Dipl. Eng. Heinrich Dreyer worked together with Mr Kademann to develop the first D1 seed drill that had a working width of 2 m and which was equipped with...

Amazone_AmaSelect Row
Oct 24, 2019

Three Agritechnica silver medals for Amazone

The first successes for Amazone on the run-up to Agritechnica 2019. The neutral panels of experts appointed by the DLG (German Agricultural Association) has awarded silver medals to three of Amazone’s innovations.

RoTeC-Schar Teaser
Oct 5, 2019

Amazone RoTeC coulters – in use more than 1.5 million over

An Amazone innovation enjoys a very special anniversary with 1.5 million RoTeC single disc coulters now in use. And, at the standard row spacings of between 12.5 cm and 16.6 cm, this would correspond to a total working width of over 200 kilometres! The RoTeC coulter shows its strengths particularly under difficult mulch sowing conditions – when, for example, dealing with large quantities of crop residues and on damp, heavy and sticky soils.
Further notable advantages:...

Amazone_Cirrus mit Minimum TillDisc (1)
Mar 26, 2019

Cirrus with Minimum TillDisc

Cirrus with Minimum TillDisc The new set-up for changing arable farming concepts. With the Minimum TillDisc corrugated disc segment, the Cirrus gets a new special option in place of the cultivation discs.

AmazoneAmatron4 (1)
Mar 18, 2019

Amazone gets iF Design Award 2019 for AmaTron 4

A further design success for Amazone: the Amazone AmaTron 4 ISOBUS terminal has been awarded the coveted iF Design Award 2019. The intuitive handling and the unique, tablet style design of the terminal were picked out as being of an exemplary design in the industry.

The jury tested, in part, the new interface for itself and, included in its evaluation, the impression gained of the high degree of ergonomics. The terminal is a complete in-house development from Amazone.

Mar 9, 2019

New UF 1602 mounted sprayer

New UF 1602 mounted sprayer
AMAZONE now broadens its range of UF 02 mounted sprayers with the new, ISOBUS compatible, UF 1602 with a nominal volume of 1,600 l and an actual volume of 1,700 l. The UF 1602 can be equipped with all Super-S2 booms from 15 m to 30 m.
The UF 1602 features a specifically shaped, polyurethane tank with a favourable centre of gravity. The very smooth tank walls allow the effective interior and exterior cleaning of the tank.

The operation of...

Catros Special mit Crushboard
Feb 12, 2019

Front mounted frame with Crushboard or tractor wheel mark eradicators for Catros Special or CatrosXL

Front mounted frame with Crushboard or tractor wheel mark eradicators for Catros Special or CatrosXL

For the Catros Special and CatrosXL compact disc harrows in working widths of 3 m, 3.50 m and 4.00 m, AMAZONE now optionally offers a front mounted frame with Crushboard. This option makes these compact disc harrows ideally suited to seedbed preparation as the Crushboard achieves a strong crumbling and levelling effect. However, also during stubble cultivation, this...

Feb 6, 2019

SIMA 2019 - the agrirouter is online

Manufacturer-independent data exchange is reality

Osnabrück / Paris, 06 February 2019
The web-based data exchange platform "agrirouter" enables data exchange between machines, agricultural software products from different manufacturers and suppliers. For farmers and contractors with mixed machinery this has not been possible so far.
The developers of the agrirouter, the German DKE-Data GmbH & Co KG based in Osna-brück, Lower Saxony, announced the official launch...