Nov 12, 2021

International award “Best Agricultural Machine 2021”

The awards ceremony for the prestigious awards of the “Best Agricultural Machine 2021” competition took place at the “Golden Autumn 2021” exhibition in Moscow. This year, the AMAZONE Primera DMC 9000 large-area seed drill won the “Farmers’ Sympathy Award”.


The Russia-wide competition “Best Agricultural Machine 2021” is held every two years by the Association Of Agricultural Machinery Testers, also known as AIST. The most popular agricultural machines are determined via a survey of Russian farming businesses. Objectivity is ensured by the personal opinions of farmers, which are based on practical experience with the machines. Based on the responses, collected via the Internet and questionnaires, the experts at these test centres for agricultural machinery compile then a “national rating” of agricultural machinery.

There is intense competition for the title of most popular agricultural machine among agricultural machinery manufacturers in Russia. Hundreds of machines in a wide variety of categories regularly take part in the competition: from soil tillage and sowing to harvesting machinery. The most important criteria in evaluating the performance of agricultural machinery are: the quality of the technology, reliability, availability of service and the cost of the machine or equipment.

The winners in all categories of the competition are awarded the “Farmers’ Sympathy Award”, which are then traditionally handed out to agricultural machinery manufacturers at the Russia-wide agricultural machinery exhibition, “Golden Autumn”.

This year, the Primera DMC 9000 large-area seed drill won the competition for “Best Agricultural Machine 2021” in the category “seed drills and planting machinery”.

The award is well-deserved – the Primera DMC can rightly be described as the AMAZONE flagship in Russia. It is the most popular and sought-after model among Russian farmers for its versatility and high performance. The full Primera DMC range of seed drills is used for a wide variety of crops, in various soil and climate conditions, in all grain-producing regions of Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States and their neighbouring countries.

AMAZONE machines regularly appear in the “national rating” of agricultural machinery, which is an excellent indicator of their popularity among Russian farmers. Precisely this honest and impartial opinion confirms that farmers use high-performance technology from AMAZONE to maximise their efficiency and ensure the high profitability of their agricultural production.

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