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AGRITECHNICA: Hall 9 | Stand C30
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AMAZONE is presenting its latest products once more at Agritechnica, the world's leading trade fair for agricultural machinery. Under the motto "IDEAS FOR OUR FUTURE" we are facing the challenges of growing food worldwide. We have excelled in our role as specialists in "intelligent crop production" for more than 140 years and will continue to meet the future needs of the industry going forward. Good ideas, and the courage to implement them in each specific product, are already making a decisive contribution to sustainable food production. 

Soil tillage: 400 Onland semi-mounted reversible plough

On-land ploughing with the new AMAZONE Tyrok 400 Onland semi-mounted reversible plough
On-land ploughing with the new AMAZONE Tyrok 400 Onland semi-mounted reversible plough
The Tyrok 400 semi-mounted reversible plough now has the option for on-land ploughing. The Tyrok Onland provides a high level of flexibility as a result of the quick and easy change between on-land or in-furrow operation. The new models are offered with a choice of 7, 8 or 9 furrows for tractors of up to 400 hp.

Seeding: Cirrus 9004-2C Grand trailed cultivator drill

The new Cirrus 9004-2C Grand trailed cultivator drill
The new cultivator drill for large-scale farms and contractors is available in a working width of 9 m with a row spacing of 16.6 cm. At first glance, the seed drill stands out due to its striking design. This is largely determined by the large seed hopper and the distinctive distributor head. Designed for solving current and future challenges in agriculture, the machine is characterised by its precise, flexible and efficient operation. Due to its easy adaptability to various field management concepts, it opens the door to future arable farming.

Precision seeding: Precea-TCC trailed precision air seeder

Even field emergence as a result of the telescopic axle where the tyres run between the seed rows
Even field emergence as a result of the telescopic axle where the tyres run between the seed rows

The range of precision seeders now includes the new trailed Precea models, in working widths of 9 and 12 m respectively. This variant, which has been developed specially for large-scale farms and contractors, stands out with its high-performance overpressure singling, large hopper capacities and the innovative Central Seed Supply seed delivery system. The high-precision seed placement ensures optimum field emergence, even at increased forward speeds of up to 15 km/h.

Fertilisation: ZG-TX – A combi spreader without compromise 


The new trailed ZG-TX is setting standards in the combi spreader sector. Both granular mineral fertilisers and earth-moist limes can be applied precisely through the one machine by means of a simple conversion between the TS spreading system and the newly developed spreading unit for lime. The ZG-TX therefore combines the advantages of the TS spreading system, with its disc-integrated AutoTS for optimum border spreading results, with maximum efficiency when spreading lime. With the simple Special frame and the stronger Super frame, AMAZONE offers the right machine for any application.

Crop protection: Pantera 7004 self-propelled sprayer 


The Pantera 7004 adds a further model in the self-propelled sprayer segment. The outstanding features of this new machine are its high tank capacity and the newly developed running gear. The Pantera 7004 combines high performance with first-rate driving characteristics and is ideal for large-scale farms and contractors who place the highest demands on efficiency and comfort.

SCHMOTZER hoes: Linear shift frame VR 2 

The right hoe for every crop.
SCHMOTZER offers the right hoe for every crop as a result of the extensive selection of different parallelograms and tools.

The extremely compact design of the VR2 linear shift frame catches the eye and the frame offers impressive strength, especially when hoeing under the most difficult of conditions. The frame sets itself apart on account of its very high total travel range of 600 mm (300 mm left and 300 mm right). Optimum guidance of the hoe through row crops without them being damaged or hoed out is therefore guaranteed, especially on non-straight headlands and fields with slopes, where the tractor tends to drift.