New at Amazone: FDC 6000 liquid fertiliser tank

FDC mit EDX d1_190820
Fertiliser Delivery Cart FDC 6000 mit Einzelkorn-Sämaschine EDX 9000-TC
Following multiple enquiries from our customers, the designers at our Russian production branch in Samara have developed a trailed carrier for liquid fertiliser, which is now being produced in Samara, with the support of colleagues from the main factory in Hasbergen. It consists of a sturdy chassis that accommodates two tanks, each with a capacity of 3,000 l. The application rate can be variably adjusted from 40 - 300 l/ha using the easy-to-use valve. At an application rate of 60 l/ha, the total volume of liquid fertiliser is sufficient for an area of approximately 100 hectares. 

The liquid fertiliser tank can be used in combination with our Primera DMC direct seed drill, our EDX precision air seeder and our Condor direct seed drill. The tank supplies liquid fertiliser (AHL) directly to the sowing coulters. Liquid fertiliser offers major benefits, especially when sowing in dry regions. Liquid fertiliser is delivered straight to the plant and does not deprive the soil of any moisture because it does not have to dissolve for the plants to absorb it. Adding liquid fertiliser around the seed actively promotes the early development of a plant, which has a positive influence on the yield.

The combination of an FDC 6000 and seed drill is still easily manoeuvrable despite its overall length, which means it can be driven track in track at the headland. The new Amazone liquid fertiliser cart is already being used successfully on many large farms.