Mr Jörg Dölling, Head of the D-A-CH Customer Service department

There is an old country saying which goes as follows: "A machine is only as good as the customer service."

For this reason, our customer service for the D-A-CH region (Germany-Austria-Switzerland) is one of the strongest cornerstones of AMAZONEN-WERKE. Mr. Jörg Dölling has been in charge of it for more than 10 years.

He started his apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic at the main AMAZONE plant in Gaste in 1978. Afterwards he joined the maintenance department and went on to prove himself in the maintenance and repair of plant and machine tools. He was appointed as a field service technician in 1984 in the next step of his career. Here he was on the road for AMAZONE across Europe for six years, and he fixed the machines if they had any problems. After that, Mr. Dölling continued in the internal customer service department, where he was responsible for advising dealers, importers and end customers, for scheduling the service technicians and for handling warranty and goodwill claims, amongst other things.

Owing to his excellent and conscientious work, he was then employed for just under a year at our subsidiary plant at BBG in Leipzig in 2001, where he successfully helped to build up the customer service department. Mr. Dölling has a gift for being able to maintain an overview at all times, even in challenging technical situations. He is also very good at responding to customers' problems and requirements. He regularly takes part in AMAZONE’s advanced training courses to ensure that he always keeps up to date with the latest technology.

Finally, in 2010, we appointed him as Head of Customer Service for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and, more recently, Luxembourg, which he has now successfully managed for 11 years. We would like to thank Mr. Dölling for his invaluable work over the past 43 years, which he has always performed with pleasure and a great deal of commitment, and we hope that he will remain with AMAZONE for many more years to come.

Jörg Dölling, Head of the D-A-CH Customer Service department