Even when times are tough, we’re there for you!

Parcel packaging conveyor technology

The coronavirus pandemic has taken control of our everyday lives. But despite all the adversities, life and work both go on in the sectors that are important for providing the population with essential supplies. Food stores and supermarkets have to be stocked every day; accordingly, the food processing and agriculture industries have to provide supplies.

As manufacturers of agricultural machinery, we do more than just supply the right, high-performance technology that assists in that food production, we also deliver urgently needed spare parts when required. At the end of 2019, Amazone gradually commissioned the new spare parts warehouse measuring approximately 10,000 m². State-of-the-art storage technology with an automatic container retrieval warehouse comprising of roughly 27,000 containers for small parts, plus a narrow aisle warehouse with approximately 12,500 skeleton containers, enable optimum storage and delivery of spare parts at short notice.

High reach lift truck in the narrow aisle warehouse

At present, Ms Wiebusch-Rakonjac (Head of the Parts Department), Mr Markert (Head of the Order Picking Department) and a team of 60 employees are working flat out to deliver all seasonal orders on time. Both the systems technology and the new IT infrastructure are now working largely without any interruptions in three shifts.

We will do our utmost to supply our customers with the spare parts they need in the coming months. We apologise if there are delays due to the special situation.