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Dipl. Eng. (FH) Viktor Schwamm

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Responsible for the further development of the Primera DMC: Dipl. Eng. (FH) Viktor Schwamm
Viktor Schwamm was born and grew up in Kazakhstan. After school, he studied mechanical engineering in Omsk, Russia, graduating with honours in 1979. Mr Schwamm began his professional career at the Siberian Agricultural Machinery Testing Station, where he was in charge of testing sowing and harvesting machinery.

He took over the laboratory there as chief engineer in 1981. Just one year later, Mr. Schwamm was the technical manager responsible for the testing station. Viktor Schwamm moved to Germany with his family in 1995. He worked as an industrial mechanic before he started a further course of studies in Dortmund. After completing his studies, Mr Schwamm started work as a design engineer in a metal construction company in Melle before working as a design engineer at the automotive supplier Matzner in Bissendorf for another five years before joining AMAZONE in 2005.

Since then, he has been responsible for the further development of the Primera DMC large area seed drill under the tutelage of our co-owner Prof. h.c. Univ. Samara R A S Dr. Dr. h.c. Heinz Dreyer (1932 - 2023). With the help of Viktor Schwamm, the Primera DMC, with working widths of up to 12 metres, developed into a top seller.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to Mr Schwamm for his outstanding work, without which our successes in direct seeding technology would be unimaginable.

Dipl. Eng. (FH) Rainer Rüdebusch

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After successful training at AMAZONE, Mr Rüdebusch completed a degree in engineering at the Bremen University of Applied Sciences. He then acquired further know-how with a one-year further training course in the field of quality management for engineers.

Mr Rüdebusch worked in quality management and project management at ZF Lenksysteme for many years before he returned to AMAZONE in 2014 and took over the position of project manager for our precision air seeding and large area sowing technology in Hude. He always keeps an eye on quality, deadlines and costs, in order to constantly improve our products and optimise the process flows.

He stands out as a result of his professional skills and has gained the complete trust of all employees and colleagues.

We would like to thank Mr. Rüdebusch for his dedication and very much hope that he will continue to enjoy his work and remain with us for many years to come.