AMAZONE location presentation, part 1: Hude

At home in Hude for 67 years

Aerial view of the first and largest AMAZONE subsidiary in Hude near Oldenburg

In 1957, qualified engineer Heinrich Dreyer, the remaining representative of the second generation of Dreyers, decided to set up a branch factory in Hude. The project started with the rental of a few halls from the company "Weserflug" in Delmenhorst/Hoykenkamp in order to expand the capacity of the main plant in Gaste. When these premises became unavailable due to a contract termination, Heinrich Dreyer decided to set up his own sister plant nearby. He wanted to retain his employees by relocating production. Ultimately Hude was chosen because town director Mr Behrens was able to offer a site there with a railway siding on very good terms.

Construction work on the plant began in 1957. Once the first section was complete in 1958, it was put into operation immediately. Unfortunately, the initiator Heinrich Dreyer died shortly beforehand, so did not live to see the plant commissioned. The management and launch of the new branch plant was taken over by representatives of the third generation of Dreyers, Dipl. Eng. Heinz Dreyer and his cousin Klaus Dreyer. The early days were challenging, as the company was heavily in debt and the banks had little confidence in the new young management team. 

Production began under the commercial management of Mr Oskar Gieb with around 50 employees. Seed drills and manure spreaders were manufactured. Over time, the plant in Hude consolidated and Dr Scharmann was appointed as the new plant manager. After a few years, the plant was expanded for the first time. 

Under the leadership of other talented managers such as Mr Schomäker, Mr Gatterman and Mr van Seggern, the plant continued to flourish and still does today under Mr Aljets. The hall capacity was increased every two years and the factory continued to flourish.

Just as utilisation of the property was reaching capacity, a company in the vicinity went bankrupt and the property was sold to AMAZONE. However, the "Huder Mühlenbau" plant was on the other side of the railway. With the support of the town of Hude, AMAZONE built a tunnel under the railway so that the two properties could be connected. The design office was housed in the newly acquired company, the fertiliser storage hall department was incorporated and the R & D department and training centre were set up.

As business continued to develop positively and eventually these facilities were also threatening to burst at the seams, AMAZONE was also able to acquire the neighbouring supermarket, which was ideal for the construction of a spacious presentation hall with training rooms and a restaurant for visitors.

Since 2008, the Hude site has also owned large industrial premises in Hude-Altmoorhausen, where important parts of production are now based. 

Over the years, the plant has developed into a very prestigious subsidiary. More than 700 people are now employed in Hude and Altmoorhausen, where active soil tillage machines are produced and the entire seeding division is based.