UF 01 operator station – Clear and simple via the SmartCenter


All functions are controlled with only three levers

  1. Pressure Vario-Control valve for filling, inducting, spraying, internal or external cleaning
  2. Quick emptying (option) for emptying the spray liquid tank with the aid of the pump
  3. Agitation valve for the infinitely variable setting of the agitation intensity via the self-cleaning pressure filter. Integrated additional function: Selective draining of the pressure filter
  4. Suction Vario-Control valve for drawing from the spray agent tank, from the fresh water tank or via the suction hose. Integrated additional function: Pressure-free residue draining and venting of the suction filter.

SmartCenter – Clearly arranged and user-friendly.

  • All control elements are logically and unmistakably arranged directly to the front left-hand side of the sprayer. 
  • The valves are all marked with self-explanatory symbols to avoid operational errors. Compare!

“All the valves and taps are located on the left hand side which means less walking.”
(dlz agrar magazine – Field test UF 1201 “Super also in small widths” · 05/2016)