The TS spreading system – Perfection in every component, just like clockwork


Characteristics of the TS spreading system

Delivery system adjustment of the TS spreading system
1) Intelligent agitator for maximum fertiliser protection
2) Electric setting motor for rotating the delivery system
3) Delivery system for implementing the Section Control, HeadlandControl and WindControl functions ArgusTwin
4) Electric setting motor for a precise fertiliser metering with application rates from 3 kg/min to 650 kg/min

Bottom assembly of the TS spreading system
5) Electric setting motor for adjustment of the carrier vane
6) AutoTS gearbox, the heart of the integrated border spreading system
7) Comfortable changeover between border and normal spreading by moving the carrier vane
8) Short border spreading vane for sharp side, border and water course spreading
9) Long normal spreading vane for high throwing widths and double overlap, even at a working width of 36 m