The ©plus tempering process


The know-how of heat treatment

As manufacturers of wearing parts for the soil tillage industry, AMAZONE can look back on a history spanning decades. Continuous advancements in materials and production techniques, as well as our know-how in heat treatment, lies behind the plough wearing metal parts of the highest quality.

Carbon in its purest form, diamond, is the hardest naturally occurring substance. A hardening process involving the introduction of carbon into the steel is used to increase the hardness and durability of plus wearing parts. AMAZONE uses a unique hardening process to achieve a very high level of hardness on the front of components, such as the shin, to produce the optimum resistance to wear. The back remains relatively soft but at the same time extremely tough and impact resistant.

Benefits of the plus hardening process: 

  • Longer service life 
  • High impact resistance 
  • Less pulling power requirement 
  • Reduced fuel consumption 
  • Less sticking to the smoother outer surface

  1. Hardened front of mouldboard
  2. Relatively soft rear of mouldboard