The induction bowl


High performing and efficient

The induction bowl is located directly in front of the control panel and holds 60 l. The conical form of the bowl with central outlet and an enormous suction rate of up to 200 l/min ensures fast and flawless filling and complete emptying.

Advantages of the induction bowl:

"Also other little details help during the cleaning procedure, such as the possibility to be able to flush the induction bowl with fresh water when pressure filling."
("profi" - Practice test Amazone UX 5201 Super - 10/2017)

"The robust lid not only serves as a storage area for the measuring jug or as a shelf for Bitter salt bags, but also features supports to enable the rinsed canisters to drain – exemplary"
("profi" - Practice test Amazone UX 5201 Super - 10/2017)