The benefits at a glance

+ Infinitely-variable mechanical depth adjustment + Optional hydraulic depth adjustment: ideal for when operating without a following roller – for the comfortable setting from the cab with a clear, easily-visible scale + Easy, stepless setting of the levelling section via two spindles and comfortably accessed without having to step onto the machine + Optional hydraulic setting of the levelling section – for the even more comfortable adjustment from the cab with a clear, easily-visible scale + High-manoeuvrability on the headland and good driving behaviour on the road due to the over-dimensioned centre running gear + Soil tillage during late autumn or in wet conditions is easily possible without a following roller – and that includes loosening tines behind the wheels + Quick folding in and out of the wings + Reduction of non-productive times due to the minimal maintenance schedule and the seldom need to change shares when used in conjunction with the optional C-Mix HD shares + Reduction in wheel slip, by applying up to 1,500 kg more weight onto the tractor’s rear axle via the optional traction assistance + Deep loosening with just half the number of tines is possible – to reduce tractive power and the fuel consumption