The beam is the backbone of any plough


All the beams on AMAZONE ploughs are produced from a special high-tensile steel. The over-sized wall thickness means that, not only is the whole beam robust, but also all the bolt fixings are extremely strong with this heavy wall thickness also preventing any hole elongation or deformation of the box section around the bolt fixings. Another positive feature of the Cayros ploughs is that the whole main beam is designed without any weld seams. That means that any weak points are avoided from the start. The optimum integration of the turnover mechanism to the beam is guaranteed by the high-strength, warm-formed joint and, for the higher-end series ploughs, a bracing plate at the side provides even more torsion-free rigidity. All the beam box sections are drilled out using a specially developed boring process where all the holes are machined out in a single action to ensure the utmost precision in the manufacturing process.