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Simple and convenient operation as intuitive as your tablet
The AmaTron 4 operator terminal, with its 8" multi-touch colour display, fulfils the highest demands of any end user. No matter whether via the cleverly designed operator elements (touch/12 backlit keys/3 one-touch keys) or via the intuitive operation in day or night mode, AmaTron 4 offers maximum user-friendliness. Via a finger swipe or via the App carousel, one quickly gets from application to application and to the clearly and simply structured operator terminal. The practical MiniView, a freely configurable status bar and also an integrated light bar make the use of AmaTron 4 especially clear and comfortable.

The benefits when drilling

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Variable rate application for the part-area site specific sowing

  • ISOBUS machine operation
  • Automatic part-width section control
  • AutoPoint – for optimum switching points on the headland
  • TramlineControl – automatic detection and actuation of the tramline for easier driving
  • Simulation of the headland
  • Automatic documentation of job-related data
  • Optimise the seed rate using application maps to better exploit the yield potential

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Automatic GPS-Switch part-area shut-off with Section Control

The electric half-side shut off control can be used to reduce the respective working width by half, in order to provide a significant reduction in the number of misses and overlaps in wedge shaped fields and on the headland. The two halves of the drill each correspond to one controllable part-width section.

Further machine details can be found here.