Profihopper 1250 4WDi SmartLine


  • 1.25 m working width
  • Hopper capacity 730 l (equals 1,000 l of cuttings)
  • All-wheel drive with 0-turning circle steering
  • Hydrostatic drive with mechanical actuation

All-wheel drive 4WDi
Equipped with intelligent 4WDi all-wheel drive, the speeds of the four driven wheels are individually controlled depending on the steering wheel position and the forward speed. The Profihopper switches on the drive to the steered rear wheels only when the front wheels need this assistance. The system functions both when going forwards or backwards.

Benefits of the 4WDi technology

  • 0-turning circle steering
  • Increased safety at maximum steering lock
  • Also for difficult applications, such as, for instance, in cases of slippage on wet ground or in sloping terrain
  • All-wheel drive only when necessary reduces the fuel consumption and saves the environment