Perfect ground adaptation


The flexible connection between the frame sections and the coulter is achieved via the proven rubber spring elements. So, soil undulations (and a maintained sowing depth) of up to 65 cm can be compensated for. The ConTeC pro coulter achieves this perfect ground adaptation through ist simple yet ingenious construction without the Need for the usual hydraulic cylinder on every coulter. That reduces the incidence of failure and, of course, not least, the price. The coulter pressure can be adapted to the conditions hydraulically by turning the frame sections. In extreme conditions, a pressure of up to 120 kg can be set per coulter.  The distance of 25 cm between the coulters in a three-stagger layout and the Frame height of 80 cm ensure work continues without chance of blockage, even if there are large quantities of straw or if  the straw is not particularly evenly distributed. The new air diffuser on the coulter provides a constant air stream in the delivery pipe from metering up to the coulter. Flexibility with regard to the choice of blower fan speed increases.