Optimally matched seed drill combination from a "single source"

The combination of an AD Pack Top seed drill with AMAZONE soil tillage implements and rollers results in an optimally matched seed drill combination from a "single source". The AD Pack Top seed drills are directly mounted onto the packer roller. This results in an extremely short and very compact sowing combination. Due to its favourable centre of gravity, this superbly strong machine has a comparatively low lifting power requirement. The reduced rear wheel load helps to prevent deep tractor wheel marks on the headland. For solo cultivation without sowing, the AD Pack Top seed drill can easily be removed from the packer roller of the rotary harrow or rotary cultivator with just a few quickly released catches. Due to the mechanical drive of the seed drill which functions without a blower fan these seed drills can easily be mounted onto rotary harrows. The AD can also be combined with rotary harrows from other manufacturers.