E+S Hydro

E+S Hydro (1) E-und-S_751_d0_kw_3438_d1_180507

For perfect spread patterns at any working width

Top-class spreading system

The E+S Hydro spreaders are equipped with a hydraulic spreading disc drive and speed-related spread rate control. As the spreading width is controlled via the rotational speed of the hydraulically driven spreading disc, the E+S Hydro offers the stepless and very sensitive adjustment across a wide spreading width range from 1 to 8 m. The precise hydraulic drive ensures the perfect spread pattern at any working width and reduces the formation of salt dust.

An additional advantage is that the rotational speed of the disc, and thus the agitator speed, are reduced to a minimum when the tractor stops. In this way blockages and any bridging of the material in the hopper are efficiently prevented.

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