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AMADOSE+S und EasySetE+S – More comfort, more control

With either the AMADOSE+S or EasySetE+S operator terminals, AMAZONE even offers two comfortable possibilities to operate the E+S spreader.

  • Oper ation of all functions via the press of a button
  • Stepless matching of the application rate
  • Speed-related control of the application rate
  • Comfortable and precise

In its basic version, the spreader can be operated without the need for an operator terminal. Then the working width is matched mechanically via the spread deflector. 

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EasySetE+S – comfortable and efficient

EasySetE+S is the ideal operator terminal for when special emphasis is put on a comfortable and very easy actuation, no matter whether it is for the E+S with PTO shaft drive or with hydraulic drive. Especially when spreading salt, EasySet, with its “+100%” function, is a big advantage because on critical spots, such as, for example, on exposed bridges the application rate is quickly and noticeably increased.

The benefits

  • Very easy operation – ideal for operations which use multiple drivers
  • “+100 %” function for increased application rate on critical spots
  • Control of the LED work lights
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AMADOS E+S – with useful job management

The special strength of the AMADOSE+S, which is available for all PTO-driven E+S spreaders, is the possibility for job management. The area worked, the distance driven and the application rate are shown in the display. In addition the worked total area of all jobs can be recorded. With these functions, AMADOSE+S regulating electronics results in a further improvement of the spreading accuracy and relevant reduction in the amount of spreading material used.

The benefits

  • Job management
  • Documentation
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