Fatigue-free working

Mowing deck and auger conveyers
Additional new ways: AMAZONE leads the way with its SmartCut cutting rotor and PowerCompactor auger conveyor system. Multi-award-winning engineered solutions ensure perfect green space management.

The cutting deck and conveyor section work hand in hand: the heart of the Profihopper

AMAZONE Exaktschnittrotor SmartCut (1) rotor cote_PH1250-1500_d1_180823
Side view of the rotor

The mowing unit and conveyor section are at the heart of the Profihopper, which, as a fine flail mower, enables a significantly better mowing quality and better cutting performance than conventional cylinder or rotary mowers, whilst significantly reducing noise levels.

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The SmartCut exact cut rotor is fitted with 72 wing blades on the Profihopper 1250, and 88 blades on the Profihopper 1500, in 4 V-shaped rows.

The wing blades on the SmartCut exact cut rotor - arranged in a chevron format - tirelessly cut the material with millimetre precision at the set cutting height. After collection, the cuttings - grass, wildflowers, leaves, or other material - are transported to the central longitudinal auger by the cross auger in the PowerCompactor system.

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The collection hopper capacity is almost 45 % greater than that of a conventional mower, thanks to the tight compaction produced by the PowerCompactor.

This is where the PowerCompactor shows its greatest strength: the cuttings are tightly consolidated during their transport to the rear collection hopper. After compaction by the PowerCompactor, up to 45 % more cuttings are packed into the collection hopper. The Profihopper 1250, with its 730 l hopper capacity, can hold up to 1,000 l of compacted cuttings, whilst the Profihopper 1500, with 1,100 l tank capacity, can even hold a maximum of 1,600 l of cuttings. Compared to mowers without compaction, the effective collection hopper capacity is significantly increased. With the result that: even less downtime and even more convenient and comfortable working.

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From the rotor directly into the auger, "hand in hand"

The feed section of the Profihopper operates without the need for a blower fan or any air assistance. A very robust, durable solution that reliably prevents damage to the machine, with its mechanical overload safety device and electronic monitoring, whilst noise and dust generation are reduced as far as possible. Low-noise, largely dust-free operation with maximum impact and a precise profile of cut - convenient and user-friendly. The mower is in a completely different performance class.

If necessary, the mulch flap can be fitted without the need for any tools. The mown and shredded cut material is then returned to the mown area.

The benefits: 

  • Precise mowing using durable technology. 
  • Increased capacity of the collection hopper by compaction of the cuttings. 
  • Low noise and dust generation thanks to auger conveyor system instead of a blower fan.

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