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Profihopper 1500 SmartLine (1)

1500 SmartLine Profihopper

  • 1.50 m working width
  • 1,600 l collected material, corresponding to 1,100 l of compacted material in the collection hopper
  • With 4WDi (with intelligent all-wheel drive)
  • With 55 l fuel tank
  • With 2.50 m high-lift discharge
  • With a 30 % increase in output even under the most difficult of conditions

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4WDi all-wheel drive

Equipped with intelligent 4WDi all-wheel drive, the speeds of the four driven wheels are individually controlled depending on the steering wheel position and the forward speed. The Profihopper switches on the drive to the steered rear wheels only when the front wheels need this assistance. The system functions both when going forwards or backwards.

Benefits of the 4WDi technology

  • 0-turning circle steering
  • Increased safety at maximum steering lock
  • Also for difficult applications, such as, for instance, in cases of slippage on wet ground or in sloping terrain
  • All-wheel drive only when necessary reduces the fuel consumption and saves the environment
  • Even higher driving comfort with electronic control of the hydrostatic drive
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Sicher in jedem Gelände (1) Profihopper_d0_kw_P6265269_d1_180828

Safe on any terrain – even under difficult operating conditions

Also, when working under difficult operating conditions – for example, when slipping on wet ground or when working on sloping terrain – the operator especially benefits from the intelligent four-wheel drive. The danger of slippage is minimised because every wheel is driven at all times at the optimum speed. This results in greater safety and improved operational performance, e.g. fewer wheel marks on lawns.

  • The Profihopper is driven via one hydraulic motor per wheel.

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Economical power pack - with automated engine management

Maximum power is always available at any time thanks to the automated engine management of the Profihopper 1500. However, the engine works efficiently and economically when maximum power is not needed. 

A distinction is made between transport and working modes, and the new ECO mode, in order to make use optimum use of the power of the Profihopper 1500.

The benefits 

  • Optimisation of the fuel consumption by matching the power utilisation 
  • 30 % higher performance in tall grass 
  • (compared to the Profihopper 1250)

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Maximale Fahrgeschwindigkeit (1) Profihopper_d0_kw_P6265485_d1_180829

Maximum forward speed in transport mode

The engine revs are determined exclusively by the forward speed in transport mode. Maximum forward speed is 20 km/h.

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New ECO mode

In the ECO mode, the rotor is driven at a reduced speed of 2500 rpm, and the speed of the diesel engine is just 2000 rpm. This saves fuel and reduces the noise level by up to 4.5 dB. The new ECO mode is ideal for collecting foliage and for mowing in easy conditions.

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Increased performance in work mode

The engine revs are increased up to 2,800 rpm and the forward speed is limited to 11 km/h in work mode. The perfect interaction of drive and engine power allows maximum area outputs of up to 15,000 m² per hour thanks to the working width of 1.50 m.

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Stage V

Stage V exhaust emissions compliant

State-of-the-art motor technology – the standard of the future today
The use of quality components such as the powerful diesel engines are a feature of the professional machines. Thanks to the modern exhaust gas after-treatment with recirculation and particle filter, no DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) is required.

Large fuel tanks – for those long, long days
Large fuel tanks with a capacity of 40 and 55 l guarantee uninterrupted operation, even during long working days and high usage.

AMAZONE Cooling-System – The clever cooling system
The AMAZONE Profihopper is fitted as standard with a self-cleaning coolant system (AMAZONE Cooling-System), that removes the contamination from the radiator grill of any plant residues that collect there, this is especially important when mulching.

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