Mowers & Collectors

For lawn and meadow maintenance, AMAZONE offers the mounted mowers HorseHopper and GrassHopper, the self-propelled mowers Profihopper 1250 SmartLine iDrive with rear-wheel drive and 4WDi with all-wheel drive, as well as the Profihopper 1500 SmartLine high-performance mower - all universal machines for neat mowing, aerating, chopping and simultaneous uptake of the cut material, horse manure and refuse in communal and sports areas as well as on horse farms.

Winter salt spreaders

For winter road gritting, AMAZONE offers the EK-S mounted spreader with tank volumes of 150 to 370 l for small carrier vehicles and the E+S 01 with tank volumes of 300 to 1,100 l for professional use on larger vehicles.

Road construction

For road construction, AMAZONE offers the ZA-XS H for mounting onto road rollers, which cover the new road surface with grit while rolling it.