Micro plus micro-granular applicator

Mikrogranulatstreuer Micro Plus (1) ED6000-2C_Fendt_008_d1_141219

AMAZONE offers the option of equipping the ED with one or two Micro plus micro-granular applicators. In this way, during one pass, up to two micro-granules can be applied to the seed, depending on the machine type. Depending on the preference, the granules can be applied at two different points. Micro plus features a central 110 l hopper and one central electric metering for all rows making filling and emptying very easy. The application rate of the granules can be very simply adjusted and changed via the terminal.

In the basic electronic equipment level for the ED Special, the Micro plus micro-granular applicator is controlled via an additional AmaDrill+ on-board computer.

ISOBUS terminals, used in conjunction with the Profi electronics, are able to autonomously control a micro-granular applicator. A second micro-granular applicator has to be controlled via an additional AmaDrill+.