Long-Life-Drive (1) KG_Schnitt_001_d1_110926

For all rotary harrows

Quality within the system
Long-Life-Drive is the optimised drive system for all AMAZONE rotary harrows which ensures an extended operating life, maximum smooth running and a high resale value. Gear wheels and bearings run in a single oil bath and so are maintenance-free – there are no grease nipples.

  1. Robust gearbox
  2. Highly-hardened spur gears with large teeth contact area
  3. Exact spacing of all bearing seats for a maximum smooth running
  4. Heavy-duty taper roller bearings with wide spacing between mounting points
  5. Large clearance between tool carrier and smooth trough base for blockage-free mulch sowing and optimum though passage
  6. Double sealing system with cassette sealing ring against oil loss and labyrinth seal against ingress of plant fibres and dirt
  7. Tine carriers and shaft forged from one piece and with a large shaft diameter, KE rotary harrow ∅ = 45 mm/KG and KX rotary cultivator ∅ = 60 mm
  8. Quick + Safe System with a tool-less tine change solution and integrated stone safety protection