Hydro – hydraulic spreading disc drive

The Hydro version makes operation possible irrespective of the tractor’s engine revs and with different spreading disc speeds. In this way, fuel is saved and a particularly comfortable and precise spreading is ensured. The spreader also operates at different spreading disc speeds in border spreading, meaning that the best possible lateral distribution can be achieved in the overlap areas as well as at the field boundary.

8 to a max. 128 part-width sections can be switched in the mechanically driven spreaders, depending on the operator terminal.

  • With a pressure filter as standard

“The speed of the discs is always maintained and also, above all, in this way the possibility to set different spreading disc speeds is a poem. You only really get to know and evaluate the benefits offered by the hydraulic system after having used it."
(Profi magazine – Spreading systems in practice "Hydraulic or mechanical" · 06/2017)