High-capacity spray agent tanks

The UF 02 mounted sprayer is available in tank capacities of 1,000 l, 1,300 l, 1,600 l and 2000 l. The specially shaped, polyethylene tank is integrated into the main frame to give a favourable centre of gravity. The advantages of this tank design are the absolutely smooth inner and outer walls of the tank, the rounded internal design and the low positioned sump on the tank bottom. This allows for quick, effective tank cleaning as well as minimal residual volumes.

The filling of the tank is carried out, both on the suction side and also when pressure filling from a water source, near to the tank bottom. This reliably eliminates any tendency for foaming during the filling procedure. For an intensive agitation capacity and to prevent any deposits settling in the tank, the agitator is positioned down on the tank bottom. The internal cleaning nozzle, the tank breather and the easily opened, domed lid are positioned right up in the tank.