Hardware for hard work! Robust, reliable and ergonomic


The AmaTron 4 ISOBUS terminal, which was developed in-house by AMAZONE, means that comfortable working becomes a matter of course. The 8” low-reflection multi-touch colour display allows easy reading and quick input of all the necessary information. Intuitive operation of the functions is guaranteed at all times either via the 12 keys or buttons in the touch display. Quick navigation between the relevant applications is also possible via one of the three one-touch keys.


1. ISB key (ISOBUS-Shortcut-Button) allows the deactivation of all active ISOBUS implement functions

2. 8" multi-touch colour display provides good readability under all ambient light conditions

3. Three one-touch keys allow a quick changeover between the menus (home button, map view and machine operation).

4. 12 soft keys and 12 touch buttons: From choice, all operations can be carried out via the touch display or directly via one of the 12 soft keys. The backlit soft keys provide reliable and comfortable operation, especially on rough ground.

5. Connection ports

  • Connection for GPS signal
  • CANBUS connection
  • TECU connection for speed sensor signals
  • Camera connectivity
  • Optional hotspot via USB
  • Two USB 2.0 interfaces
  • Loudspeaker

6. Light sensor: Automatic changeover over between day and night modes and the matching of the display brightness to the ambient light conditions.

7. Proximity sensor: By approaching the terminal, the 12 touch buttons are automatically displayed.

8. On/off button

Hardware für echte Arbeit! Robust, zuverlässig und ergonomisch (4) Screens_CMS

Your comfortable and reliable assistant
The AmaTron 4 operator terminal has been developed with the intention of fulfilling the highest demands in terms of comfort and maximum stress-relief for the driver. A finger swipe enables the operator to navigate intuitively through the clearly and simply structured operational menu. A freely configurable status bar along the top of the screen displays the chosen parameters and information tabs at any time, no matter which menu or sub-menu you are in.
Thanks to the quick start menu, changes to individual settings can also be made in a matter of seconds and any job data imported or exported.