Front-Rear duo – A new level of precision


Two in one go: For customers who intend to accurately spread two different mineral fertilisers in just one pass, AMAZONE offers the unique possibility of a front-mounted spreader. Other than when utilising blended fertilisers in one fertiliser spreader, this option allows the optimal setting of each spreader according to the properties of the relevant fertiliser. In this way, the perfect lateral distribution for both fertilisers is achieved. Also spreading with two different application maps is possible. Comfortable and reliable: To enable operation of a “reversed” fertiliser spreader on the front of the tractor, an intelligent software package is utilised which reliably mirrors the spreading function and required working without any rethinking. In this way, even normal, side, border and watercourse spreading can be actuated on the correct side without any problems. Even the optimum switching points for the automatic on/off switching on the headland is matched. Benefits of front-mounting: • Possibility to accurately spread two different types of fertiliser in just one pass • More capacity from the additional hopper capacity yet with the benefits of a mounted machine – manoeuvrable and speedy