Following the plough or mulch sowing with the pneumatic sowing combinations


For sowing on ploughed land the rotary harrow and tooth packer roller with a pneumatic Pack Top seed drill equipped with WS suffolk coulters form a superb combination. The rotary harrow tills and levels the soil, followed by the tooth packer roller that re-consolidates the soil. In this way, the seedbed is ideally prepared for the following WS suffolk coulters.  For mulch sowing, a combination of rotary cultivator, wedge ring roller and Pack Top seed drill with RoTeC Control coulters is recommended. The rotary cultivator loosens even hard packed soils and maintains its working depth due to the "on-grip" tines. The straw is simultaneously incorporated and, thanks to the large clearances between the tines and the trough, the straw-soil-mixture can pass through the machine above the tine carriers without a problem. The following levelling board levels any ridges and furrows.  The wedge ring roller reconsolidates the soil in strips so that one third of the soil is reconsolidated whereas two thirds of the surface remains loose.  The RoTeC Control coulters then precisely place the seed into the reconsolidated strips.