Following rollers and harrow combinations


The perfect supplement for seedbed preparation  

For seedbed preparation for maize or sugar beet, the AMAZONE compact disc harrows can be equipped with a variety of rollers in addition to a following harrow. The following harrow creates a very fine-crumbled soil surface structure and thus the perfect germination conditions for the following crops. An additional advantage when using the harrow is the optimised straw distribution.

Follow rollers combinations:

Stabwalze 520 (1)
SW cage roller 520 mm
Stabwalze 600 (2)
SW cage roller 600 mm

Zahnpackerwalze (3)
PW tooth packer roller 600 mm
Tandemwalze (4)
TW tandem roller 520/380 mm

Winkelprofilwalze (5)
WW angle profile roller 580 mm
U-Profilwalze (6)
UW U-Profile roller 580 mm

Doppel-U-Profilwalze (7)
DUW Double U-Profile roller 580 mm
Keilringwalze (8)
KW wedge ring roller 580 mm

Keilringwalze mit Matrixreifenprofil (9)
KWM wedge ring roller with Matrix tyre profile 650 mm
Disc-Walze (10)
DW disc roller 600 mm

Doppel-Disc-Walze (11)
DDW Double disc roller 600 mm

Harrow combinations:

Striegelsystem* für die Nachlaufwalzen SW, PW, KW & UW (1)
Harrow system* for the SW, PW, KW & UW following rollers
Striegelsystem für die Nachlaufwalze KWM & DW
Harrow system for the KWM & DW following rollers

Striegelsystem für die Nachlaufwalzen TW & DUW (3)
Harrow system for the TW & DUW following rollers
Federmessersystem* für die Nachlaufwalze WW (4)
Spring knife system* for the WW following roller

Federräumersystem für die Nachlaufwalze UW (5)
Spring clearing system for the UW following roller

* Please note: in conjunction with the TS running gear, turning on the following roller is not possible.