AMAZONE offers two electro-hydraulically boom folding options, Flex-fold 1 and Flex-fold 2. Each boom folding joint is equipped with an electro-hydraulic valve block that is directly controlled by the machine software. This enables faster folding procedures. As soon as the first boom section is folded in or out by approximately 70%, the next section automatically starts to fold in or out.

Flex-fold 1
In addition to the benefits already outlined, Flex-fold 1 provides the following functions: 

  • Height adjustment
  • Folding in and out
  • One-sided independent folding at reduced speeds (max. 6 km/h)
  • Boom width reduction
  • Tilt adjustment

Flex-fold 2
In addition to the advantages mentioned previously, Flex-fold 2 offers the following functions:

  • Independent / both-sided positive boom angling
  • Negative boom angling of individual / both sides

”To speed up the folding procedure, AMAZONE has replaced the simple sequence control by a sensor controlled process. With this we clocked a quick 19 seconds for folding out and 27 seconds for folding in – great!"
("profi" - Practice test Amazone UX 5201 Super · 10/2017)