Even at high forward speeds


When working at high forward speeds it is important that the fertiliser and sowing units run smoothly so that fertiliser and seed are precisely placed at the desired depth. Therefore, all AMAZONE EDX precision air seeders use centralised, hydraulically adjustable coulter pressure systems. Accurate fertiliser placement Via diagonally opposite arranged fertiliser coulters, with built-in furrow formers (1), the mineral fertiliser is placed exactly 5 cm next to the seed furrow. For operation on abrasive soil types the machines can be also equipped with hard metal coated furrow formers. The delivery of the fertiliser rate is carried out via a stepless gearbox from the centralised feed hopper. The placement depth is controlled on all the coulters via a hydraulic central coulter pressure adjustment. Precision seed placement Every Xpress sowing unit is built up of several elements: First a V-shaped angled double disc sowing coulter (2) cuts the soil surface and pushes to one side any crop residues, followed by the furrow former (3) that shapes the furrow and firms it along the bottom. Directly behind the furrow former the seed is shot into the furrow, caught by the catcher roller (4) and pressed in. Then adjustable Super-V press wheels (5) cover the seed with loose soil and firm it above the covered furrow. Hard-metal coated fertiliser openers For operation in heavy wearing soils, the hard-metal coated fertiliser openers can be fitted as an option. For the optimum spacing between fertiliser and sowing coulters, a depth control chain is also available as an option. In sticky soil conditions there is a special scraper available (option) for cleaning the carrying rollers.