Drag (suffolk) and single disc fertiliser coulters

Schlepp- und Scheibendüngerschare (1) ED02_0033B_d2_110928

Both the drag (suffolk) and single disc fertiliser coulters have been designed for tough operational conditions. The strong tension spring (160 kg) protects the coulter from stone damage and yet on the other hand helps maintain an even placement depth. The depth is set quickly without tools via simply resetting a pin. The special clamp arrangement allows the positioning of the fertiliser coulter where desired in relation to the sowing coulter.

Due to its large diameter, the single-disc fertiliser coulter is especially well suited for mulch sowing conditions. It does not feature any scrapers and thus rotates blockage-free even in extreme situations. The Boron steel disc offers high wear resistance.

  • Particular mention should be made of the Clip-on point on the drag fertiliser coulter. By loosening a well-protected fixing screw, the wearing tip can be removed! This saves time! The back-up support prevents any unintentional blocking of the drag fertiliser coulter when either lowering the machine or when backing up.