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More efficient than ever

5,000 l capacity and 4,500 kg payload guarantee maximum output from the ZA-TS 5000

Amazone has extended its mounted spreader product range with the ZA-TS 5000. The ZA-TS product range has stood for maximum performance with the highest precision since its introduction. Precise spread patterns up to 54 m with application rates of 650 kg/min are the key to this. While capacities of up to 4,200 l were previously possible, the new hopper capacity of up to 5,000 l further increases the maximum area output. 

Increased efficiency

The increase in capacity of 800 l reduces the number of filling operations, thereby simplifying the logistics. The large hopper capacity of the mounted spreader can be used to the full, especially when using lightweight spreading materials such as urea. The number of journeys between the field and yard can be reduced and the increasingly shorter time windows for the spreading are optimally utilised. Efficient, needs-based fertilisation is therefore guaranteed.

The integration of the Profis weighing system enables the optimum loading. Intelligent solutions such as WindControl and ArgusTwin are also available

The compact tractor mounting provides optimum weight distribution, even with heavy payloads

Use the full potential

The ZA-TS 5000 comes with the Ultra frame and the Profis weighing system as standard. The intelligent integration of the Profis weighing system in the ISOBUS software enables the user to monitor fill levels and residual volumes, define target weights and fill precisely at any time. The maximum payload of 4,500 kg is utilised in full without running the risk of overloading the spreader.


  • Increased efficiency
    Make the best use of fertilisation windows
  • Use the full potential
    Fill precisely and avoid empty trips