Comfortable electric adjustment and control

ZA-M Easy

The EasySet 2 in-cab terminal provides the option for automatic spread rate regulation at varying forward speeds. In this respect, the size of the apertures are adjusted by automatically setting the shutter position in such a way that the application rate always remains the same. All that is needed is a 12 V power connection for the in-cab terminal. The operator has the option of using an X-sensor (pulse counting), a signal cable (transmission of the tractor speed) or a GPS antenna to transmit the speed signal.

In conjunction with electrical shutter actuation, EasySet 2 has the advantage that the application rate can be adjusted in very small steps. The desired application rate is simply entered into the in-cab terminal to the exact kilogram and this can be easily increased or reduced from the cab to both sides, or to either side, during the spreading operation. This also applies when carrying out side, border and water course spreading.

The machine control system is rounded off by a convenient function for semi-automatic rate calibration and the emptying of any fertiliser residues.

The benefits:

  • Option of forward speed-related spread rate regulation
  • Comfortable electrical operation and adjustment of the application rate from the tractor cab
  • Simple in-cab terminal without menus, only direct function keys
  • Integrated hectare meter with total area counter
  • Border spreading via Limiter with remotely controlled spread rate reduction
  • “The EasySet 2 in-cab terminal is undoubtedly the highlight of the new fertiliser spreader.”
  • “You only need a few settings to adjust the spreader for a new spreading material.” (top agrar – Test report “Convenient and easy spreading” · 09/2021)
  • “There are no menu levels. This makes all the settings clear.”
  • “It is also possible to adjust the rate for both sides together or separately. All of this can be understood without much explanation.” (top agrar – Test report “Convenient and easy spreading” · 09/2021)