Convenient border spreading without stopping and without leaving the tractor cab with the “Limiter X”


“Limiter X” – the name synonymous for precise border spreading

The Limiter is used for when the fi rst tramline is placed at half the working width of the fertiliser spreader from the fi eld boundary. It can be used for border spreading, water course spreading and side spreading. 

The decisive point is:

There is no stopping and leaving the tractor cab. The strong tubular frame carries the “lamella block” made entirely from stainless steel. This block can be swivelled forwards and backwards and in this way the “Limiter X” can be set to the desired function (working width, border or side spreading, type of fertiliser). When not in use the Limiter is comfortably raised via a hydraulic ram. The device does not require any additional control valves on the tractor.

The “lamella block” changes the direction of part of the fertiliser fl ow. This way an optimum spread pattern on the border is achieved. An automatic spread rate reduction when border spreading is also possible.