Compelling machinery choices for large areas


The D9 12000-2T is a trailed combination consisting of three D9 4000 Super drills, that means, in total, a 12 m working width.  Each solo machine runs with its own running gear and can, because of this, contour follow even in extreme undulations.  Tractors from around 180 kW (240 HP) can be used to pull the coupling frame. The D9 9000-2T in a 9 m working width consists of three D9 3000 Super drills. The three seed drills are raised with the "Liftpack" system for transport and for turning on the headland of the field. The very robust bout markers create a track for the tractor centre and when changed over, are folded into the vertical position. The centre seed drill is equipped with a tramlining mechanism that enables the creation of tramlines at 12 m, 24 m or 36 m. For transport the side machines are folded in and when folded, the transport width is approx. 6 metres.  Each of the three D9 Super drills can also be used individually. The KR 12002 and KR 9002 coupling frames offer flexible possibilities of use and are thus especially economical. The coupling frame can be equipped, alternatively,  with the D9 seed drill, the ED precision air seeder or the Catros compact disc harrow.